Cost: $20 (Teens: $15)

Instructor:  Ken Smith                                              Time: 6 to 8

Ken will show you how use a master dough to create dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and Danish pastries in a variety of unique shapes.  He will show you a number of relatively easy tricks that will make you look like a pastry chef.


Wednesday, October 14: GREAT SOUPS

Cost:  $20.00 (Teens: $15)

Instructor:  Joan Budai                                             Time:  10 a.m. to noon

Nothing warms better on a cold day than a good soup.  Joan and her husband Charlie used to run a B&B in Alaska where she perfected several exceptional recipes.  These include chicken with matzo balls, fish, and cream of potato hot soups plus pea and fruit cold soups.

Tuesday, October 13: STEWS AND CASSEROLES

Cost: $20.00 (Teens: $15)

Instructor:  Frank Marmo                                          Time: 6 – 8 PM

Ready for some comfort foods with a “Marmo” twist?  Frank will show you the secrets to some great stews and casseroles that you will be able to add to your winter menus.

Saturday, October 10: PASTA AND MORE

Cost: $20 (Teens: $15)

Instructor:  Beryl Pielli                                             Time: 10 to Noon

Learn to make rolled, stuffed, and colored pasta with a machine and by hand.  The class will prepare a simple clam sauce plus homemade noodles, ravioli & tortellini.  The class will taste the pasta with a red sauce and with butter/fresh Italian cheese.

The Kitchen Shoppe Update

April 2009

Saturday, April 4:  Cinnamon Roll  & More Demonstration
Instructor:  Sue Scobby

Cost: $5.00              Time: 10 – noon

Sue will demonstrate how to make cinnamon rolls and herb rolls using the Bosch Kitchen mixer.  The techniques (and recipes) will work equally well if you want to prepare your dough by hand or with another mixer.  Come participate in a hands-on experience.

Tuesday, April 14: Tamales and Tortillas
Instructor:  Ken Smith

Cost: $20.00 (Teens: $15)        Time: 6 – 8 p.m.

Learn how to make traditional tamales and corn tortillas.  Ken will show you how to make several fillings, how to make masa dough as well as fold and steam tamales to perfection.  Students will also make great tasting corn tortillas.

Kids Cook:  Tortillas
Instructor:  Linda McCormick

Cost: $8.00

  • Saturday, April 18 10 to noon
  • Wednesday, April 22 3:30 to 5:30

Students will learn how to prepare corn tortillas.  They will learn how to create two tasty main dish recipes and a dessert using the tortillas they make.

Saturday, April 25:   Chinese Cooking
Instructor: James Daw

Cost:  $20.00 (Teens: $15)            Time: 10 – noon

James will share his techniques for preparing wonderful Chinese cuisine in this class.  He will cover how to make hot and sour soup, fried rice, spring rolls, and broccoli and beef.  In addition to covering techniques, he will explain the cultural drivers that influence the cuisine.


Who Let the Girls Out in the Spring!?!?: We have set the date for another great day to explore several great downtown Newport/Oldtown shoppes with lots of activities planned (and some great prizes).  Mark your calendars for May 16.  There will be a chance to try out several products and some great free demonstrations at the Kitchen Shoppe with more things planned at the other participating stores.

Wine Pairings Class Cancelled. The teacher for the Wine Pairings class had to cancel, so this experience will be on hold with a tentative rescheduling in June. Sorry for the delay.

Classes at The Kitchen Shoppe

Saturday, March 7: Pressure Cooking Demo Cost: $5.00

Instructor: Pete Scobby Time: 10 – noon

Come check out how pressure cooking has changed since you were a child. I have to confess that I used to be afraid of pressure cooking. But that has changed! New pressure cookers are safe, easy to use, and let you turn inexpensive cuts of meat into tasty meals in a short amount of time. Pete will demonstrate several tasty creations made in a modern pressure cooker.

Wednesday, March 11: Individual Pizzas Cost: $20.00

Instructor: Frank Marmo Time: 6 – 8 PM

Frank will show you how to create interesting and tasty individual pizzas using a variety of ingredients. Frank worked with Wolfgang Puck and will share some of the secrets that he learned while each student creates their own gourmet pizza.

Thursday, March 19: Crepes Cost: $20.00

Instructor: Joan Budai Time: 10 – noon

You will learn the basics of making crepes including both “make ahead” and on-the-spot methods. The class will include preparing both main dish crepes and dessert crepes. Students will have the opportunity to practice their new crepe making skills.

Kids Cook: Eggs Cost: $8.00

Instructor: Linda McCormick

· Saturday, March 21 10 to noon

· Wednesday, March 25 3:30 to 5:30

We are going to do amazing things with hard boiled eggs including using natural dyes to color them, making egg creations, and making some good things to eat.

Saturday, March 28: Learn to Make and Use Incredible Pasta Cost: $20.00

Instructor: Beryl Pielli Time: 10 a.m. to noon

Learn to make rolled, stuffed, and colored pasta with a machine and by hand. The class will prepare a simple clam sauce plus homemade noodles, ravioli & tortellini. The class will taste them with a red sauce and with butter/fresh Italian cheese.


Wine Pairings Class: On Saturday April 18, we are planning a very special event. A wine pairing expert from Salt Lake City has agreed to do a class in what foods go best with white wines. We are still working out the final details, but here is the general plan. We will hold the event at the Roxy Theater. Class will start at 1 followed by the opportunity to taste selected white wines paired with foods prepared by Marmo Catering, followed by a wine movie (Bottle Shock- which depicts the real events that got California on the wine map.) Cost will be $25 for the class including the food pairings. Because I need a real count to order the wine and food, we will pre-sell tickets starting March 21 through April 15. Let me know if you are interested.